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A Columbus, Ohio homebased business goes digital with an eCommerce site. We developed a brand story, all creative content, store pages, and more for this CBD Candle site.


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Wrap Sessions Candle Co

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The Edgewood Club membership website is a protected area.

Asking members to login to the member site allowed us to tailor the user experience to each member. The area houses each member's profile, club social and programming calendars, online registration and payment, court and pool reservations. It provides a very customized experience that enhances the UX and UI.

The public side of the website mimics the tone of the membership area. We were able to spotlight the Club's uniqueness in all aspects of the build.


Prospective members and those hosting weddings and special events understand it's more than a place to gather, swim, play, and relax. 

Bottles of essential oils. Herbal medici

luxurious candles


CBD hemp oil, hemp seeds in a wooden spo

some say it is magic

Well, alchemy is defined as a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process and at times it feels as though it may be, but I believe it is a gift. 


As a child, I was fascinated with essential oils, their scents, and healing abilities. Over the years, and with the addition of CBD oils to my collections, I have only enhanced my offerings. Today, I am able to share them with you.

Relax and enjoy your experience discovering our uniqueness.



passion lead us here

At Wrap Sessions Candle Co. we are committed to continually exceeding your expectations with new and glorious scents. We spend hours upon hours mixing scents and oils until we have the perfect combination that sparks a note, a tone, an instinct, or memory that we want to share with you.


From healing aromatherapy to calming relieving anxiety and depression fighting blends we continue to grow our offerings.

Passion led us here and we look forward to enhancing your world.

Applying Essential Oil


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